This is a 9-part essay series on Apple’s Success in China. Part 1 introduces the essay series. Part 2 explains Apple’s product-zeitgeist fit in China. Part 3 looks at product localization. Part 4 looks at Apple’s services in China and relationship with Tencent. Part 5 looks at the complexities of operating in China. Part 6 and Part 7 look at Apple’s compliance efforts in respect of the App Store and iCloud respectively. Part 8 looks at Apple’s investment in DiDi. Part 9 concludes with lessons from Apple’s experience in China.

Part 1: A Notable Exception

Part 2: Product-Zeitgeist Fit

Part 3: Minimal Product Localization

Part 4: Apple's Worst Frenemy

Part 5: Costs of Doing Business in China

Part 6: App Store and Censorship

Part 7: Moving iCloud to China

Part 8: Inexplicable Investment in DiDi

Part 9: Conclusion